Gas prices plunge ahead of Thanksgiving

November 19, 2018--8:00 a.m.


Oil prices hit a new low last week, further fueling the plunge at the pump.

Georgia gas prices dropped another 9 cents last week. 

At $2.48 a gallon, the average price in Georgia is the lowest since March, and now only 13 cents more than the lowest average price this year.

Thanksgiving gas prices in Georgia will remain slightly higher than last year's holiday. 

AAA forecasts nearly 1.6 million Georgians will travel this week for Thanksgiving.

Of those, 1.4 million will drive. 

By Thanksgiving Day, gas prices should average $2.44 a gallon. 

While that is 7 cents more than last year's holiday, it's 2 cents less than the 5-year average. 

On Monday, the average price in Floyd County was $2.37.

It was $2.39 in Gordon County, $2.45 in Bartow County, $2.53 in Polk County, and $2.36 in Chattooga County.